Peach Varieties

Clingstone - Peaches whose flesh clings to the pit - generally ripen in May

Springgold - yellow flesh, firm, well flavored for early variety, 80% covered with bright, red blush over yellow ground color
Flavorich - dark red, firm, pigmented flesh with yellow/red, large size for early variety
Regal - very sweet, large for a cling, big producer
Junegold - flesh is yellow, juicy, delicious, heavy producer

Semi-freestone - Fruit will separate from pit - ripen in early June

Juneprince - excellence taste, average to large size, attractive blush
Sentinel - large, red blush over yellow, fuzzy, ridge on side
GaLa - medium to med large, very good taste, firm, round, yellow flesh, 80% scarlet red over yellow-orange ground color

Freestone - Fruit having a pit in which the fresh does not cling - usually ripen in June and July

Harvester - medium large, yellow flesh, firm, highly colored
Cary-Mac - sweet, yellow flesh, round, yellow-reddish blush, juicy, delicious
Majestic - very large, round, yellow flesh, red skin
Loring - large, round, firm, yellow flesh, red blushed skin color, sweet
Bounty - large to very large, round, yellow flesh, 50%+ crimson red over light greenish-yellow ground color
Redglobe - very large, round, highly blushed red over golden, firm, yellow flesh, excellent sweetness
Dixiland - good color, large to very large, great taste, pointed bottom, yellow flesh
Elberta - well colored, golden yellow blushed with red, firm, rich, sweet, yellow flesh, new strain of old peach
Flameprince - medium to large, firm, yellow flesh, crimson red with greenish yellow ground color
Parade - large, yellow flesh, firm, good flavor, round, yellow-green ground color with less than 50% red over
Sunbright - sweet, small to medium, yellow flesh, firm, bright scarlet red over orange-yellow-red ground color
Autumnprince - dull red over yellow background, yellow flesh, sweet, juicy
Fairtime - large red-blushed, firm, yellow flesh, smooth, melting texture, good flavor