Our Peaches

Ripening/Harvest Dates

Note: Dates are approximate for the Central Texas area. The peaches can be earlier or later depending upon the date of the last frost.


Peaches whose flesh clings to the pit - generally ripen in May
Early Flavorich – First peach, fruit medium, obtuse, heart-shaped pigmented flesh with yellow/redMay 1-15
Flavorich – dark red, firm, pigmented flesh with yellow/red, large size for early varietyMay 15-25
Regal – very sweet, large for a cling, big producerMay 15-31
Carored – A medium to small, globose to ovate, 70-90% yellowish crimson red over reddish yellow ground colorMay 15-June 5
Junegold – flesh is yellow, juicy, delicious, heavy producerMay 30-June 10
peach, fruit, mature


Fruit will separate from pit - ripen in early June
Juneprince – taste, average to large size, attractive blushMay 30-June 10
Southern Pearl – becoming more popular, white flesh, medium acid, moderate sweetness, decent size fruit, very productiveMay 30-June 10
Rich Lady – superb yellow-fleshed semi-freestone. Rich Lady is a very heavy producer of firm fruit with large size and full colorJune 5-15
Sentinel – large, red blush over yellow, fuzzy, ridge on sideJune 5-15
GaLa – medium to med-large, very good taste, firm, round, yellow flesh, 80% scarlet red over yellow-orange ground colorJune 10-20



Fruit having a pit in which the flesh does not cling - usually ripen in June and July
Harvester – medium large, yellow flesh, firm, highly coloredJune 15-30
Cary – Mac – sweet, yellow flesh, round, yellow-reddish blush, juicy, deliciousJune 10-25
Majestic – very large, round, yellow flesh, red skinJune 20-July 1
Loring – large, round, firm, yellow flesh, red blushed skin color, sweetJuly 1-10
Bounty – large to very large, round, yellow flesh, 50%+ crimson red over light greenish – yellow ground colorJuly 1-10
Redglobe – very large, round, highly blushed red over golden, firm, yellow flesh, excellent sweetnessJuly 4
ScarletPrince – medium-large, freestone peach with scarlet red skin with yellow flesh, very good flavorJuly 4
Dixiland – good color, large to very large, great taste, pointed bottom, yellow fleshJuly 25-August 10
Redskin – A large freestone with obvious red color and yellow flesh all-purpose excellent flavorJuly 15-30
JerseyQueen – large, round, juicy & have a downy yellowish-red skinJuly 20-31
Elberta – well colored, golden yellow blushed with red, firm, rich, sweet, yellow flesh, new strain of old peachJuly 20-31
Flameprince – medium to large, firm, yellow flesh, crimson red with greenish-yellow ground colorAugust 1-10
Parade – large, yellow flesh, firm, good flavor, round, yellow-green ground color with less than 50% red overAugust 10-20
Big Red – Red around pit, pigment in flesh, slight tips, suture bulge, very nice taste and flavor, good sugar and acidAugust 10-25
Autumnprince – dull red over yellow background, yellow flesh, sweet, juicyAugust 20-31
Fairtime – large red – blushed, firm, yellow flesh, smooth, melting texture, good flavorAugust 25-31


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We have concluded our fall season. We will open again the day after Thanksgiving selling Nordmann, Noble, and Douglas Firs from the Northwest as always. Also, available for the first year is our “cut your own” Christmas Tree.  We grow Murray and Arizona Cypress. Santa Claus will visit the farm Saturday November 26th (10am-2pm) Hope to see you here!

The Farm is pet friendly when leashed. However, pets are not allowed in buildings.


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