Our Peaches

Ripening/Harvest Dates

Note: Dates are approximate for the Central Texas area. The peaches can be earlier or later depending upon the date of the last frost.


Peaches whose flesh clings to the pit - generally ripen in May
Early Flavorich – First peach, fruit medium, obtuse, heart-shaped pigmented flesh with yellow/redMay 1-15
Flavorich – dark red, firm, pigmented flesh with yellow/red, large size for early varietyMay 15-25
Regal – very sweet, large for a cling, big producerMay 15-31
Carored – A medium to small, globose to ovate, 70-90% yellowish crimson red over reddish yellow ground colorMay 15-June 5
Junegold – flesh is yellow, juicy, delicious, heavy producerMay 30-June 10
peach, fruit, mature


Fruit will separate from pit - ripen in early June
Juneprince – taste, average to large size, attractive blushMay 30-June 10
Southern Pearl – becoming more popular, white flesh, medium acid, moderate sweetness, decent size fruit, very productiveMay 30-June 10
Rich Lady – superb yellow-fleshed semi-freestone. Rich Lady is a very heavy producer of firm fruit with large size and full colorJune 5-15
Sentinel – large, red blush over yellow, fuzzy, ridge on sideJune 5-15
GaLa – medium to med-large, very good taste, firm, round, yellow flesh, 80% scarlet red over yellow-orange ground colorJune 10-20



Fruit having a pit in which the flesh does not cling - usually ripen in June and July
Harvester – medium large, yellow flesh, firm, highly coloredJune 15-30
Cary – Mac – sweet, yellow flesh, round, yellow-reddish blush, juicy, deliciousJune 10-25
Majestic – very large, round, yellow flesh, red skinJune 20-July 1
Loring – large, round, firm, yellow flesh, red blushed skin color, sweetJuly 1-10
Bounty – large to very large, round, yellow flesh, 50%+ crimson red over light greenish – yellow ground colorJuly 1-10
Redglobe – very large, round, highly blushed red over golden, firm, yellow flesh, excellent sweetnessJuly 4
ScarletPrince – medium-large, freestone peach with scarlet red skin with yellow flesh, very good flavorJuly 4
Dixiland – good color, large to very large, great taste, pointed bottom, yellow fleshJuly 25-August 10
Redskin – A large freestone with obvious red color and yellow flesh all-purpose excellent flavorJuly 15-30
JerseyQueen – large, round, juicy & have a downy yellowish-red skinJuly 20-31
Elberta – well colored, golden yellow blushed with red, firm, rich, sweet, yellow flesh, new strain of old peachJuly 20-31
Flameprince – medium to large, firm, yellow flesh, crimson red with greenish-yellow ground colorAugust 1-10
Parade – large, yellow flesh, firm, good flavor, round, yellow-green ground color with less than 50% red overAugust 10-20
Big Red – Red around pit, pigment in flesh, slight tips, suture bulge, very nice taste and flavor, good sugar and acidAugust 10-25
Autumnprince – dull red over yellow background, yellow flesh, sweet, juicyAugust 20-31
Fairtime – large red – blushed, firm, yellow flesh, smooth, melting texture, good flavorAugust 25-31


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